Michel Alsayegh, Chemist, Chairman of the Board of Directors
514-844-3644 ext 25
e mail:

Martial Boivin, Chemist, MBA, President and CEO, Secretary
514-844-3644 ext 24
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Nacer Eddine Ziani, Chemist, Director of Communications and Public Relations
514-844-3644 ext 22
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Johanne Côté, Coordinator, Membership Services
514-844-3644 ext 23
e mail:

Nancy Dolan, Administrative Assistant, Legal Services
514-844-3644 ext 26
e mail:

Julie Boucher, Administrative Assistant, Accounting Services
514-844-3644 ext 27
e mail:

Claude Chartrand, Chemist, Syndic
514-844-3644 ext 28 voice mail 84
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M. Stéphane Bélisle, Chemist, Assistant syndic
514-844-3644 poste 28 voice mail 87
e mail :

Domenico Sarro, Chemist, Investigator
514-844-3644 ext 28 voice mail 83

Ms. Viviane Dewyse, Chemist, Chair and Secretary of the Professional Inspection Committee

M. Gilles Sabourin, Chemist, inspector
Professional inspection

Ms. Aïda Naguib-Riad, chemist, inspector

Professional inspection