General Information

No person can claim in any way to be a chemist, nor use the title, nor use an abbreviation that might suggest the person is a chemist, nor practice a professional activity reserved for members of the Order, nor pretend to have the right to do so, nor act in a way that suggests the person has the right to do so, unless that person is registered in the rolls of the Ordre des chimistes, except if the law permits.

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The fee is automatically adjusted according to the prorate of the remaining months.

If you have already registered on the roll of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec, select the situation that applies to you.

The penalty fee for late renewal is automatically calculated from day 1 until day 91 (3 months) corresponding to 50 % of the full right fee.



You were registered on the roll in 2008 or earlier

You must first obtain your PIN to proceed with your registration.  Please write to us at

If you have your PIN in hand, you can register by clicking here

You were registered on the roll in 2009 or after

You can register directly by clicking here.

Are you having difficulty determining if you are practicing chemistry? You are invited to fill in the Formulaire de déclaration du statut d’exercice de la chimie by clicking here and returning the form to

You have never been registered on the roll of the Order

Please enter your user code and password (top of this page) and click on login and then on MY FILE located on the lower right side of the screen.